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I occasionally get a puzzled look when I'm wearing my favorite neon Unlucky HI T-Shirt. I love watching their expression change to a smile when I explain the meaning behind the logo. Good vibes follow almost immediately.


Unlucky HI reminds me to trust in the process and to know that what will be... will be!  Thanks @unluckyhi for all you do! #supportlocal #whatsyourstory


People often question.. why would I want to be 'unlucky'? I need all the luck I can get, they say. But you don't! Life's not about luck. It's what you do with what you got. Seeing the positives, exemplifying the Aloha, having faith in yourself and others. You have the power for the outcome of every situation you are faced with. You choose what you do with the cards you are dealt. I proudly represent the 'unlucky'! I love the concept of a 'bad luck' lightning bolt striking through a 'good luck' clover. Brilliant.

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PO Box 518, Kaneohe, HI 96744, US